Revolution in STEAM education
Skribots are customizable 3D-printed robots that anyone can design and learn how to program. Try it yourself!
Robots intro design
Unleash your ingenuity in designing process
Robots intro program
Master the programming & algorithms
Robots intro electronics
Uncover how electronics & mechanics work
Robots intro fun
Have fun while learning
Make your own robots while learning STEAM skills

Acquiring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics) skills has never been more engaging and fun.

We have created the set of tools that cover the full process of designing, building and programming a 3D printed robot.

Robots design
Robots design designDesign & Print
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Robots design buildBuild your robot
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Robots design programProgram it
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Skribots Factory

Design, fully customize & prototype your own Skribot and 3D print it on your Skriware 3D printer. A smart tool linking design with engineering and electronics in an engaging form.
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Skribots App

Control Skribots remotely from your mobile device and program them using an approachable, graphical interface.
Robots mars poster image
Discover the secrets of the Red Planet and learn the basics of programming with the Skribot and STEAM team in our first narrative, educational scenario.

Coming soon
Created with Skriware 3D printers
Robots printer
Enjoy your Skribots Factory creations instantly by 3D printing them on Skriware 3D printers or order a Skribot set directly from us!
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Robots printer
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