A comprehensive educational ecosystem covering the fields of 3D modeling and printing, robotics and engineering for schools that want to respond to the challenges of the modern world
Practical dimension of education
Boost students' creativity and develop interdisciplinary skills by involving them in a problem solving learning
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Innovative bridge between science and creativity

SkriLab offers modern tools, materials and teaching aids in accordance with the core curriculum of 8 lesson subjects. Thanks to well-thought-out implementation, introducing SkriLab in your school will turn learning into a real adventure and joy for both children and teachers.

STEAM Education

Modern way of learning

STEAM is an integrated teaching approach, connecting various topics and subjects to show connections between them. This approach promotes teaching of critical thinking, out of the box thinking, creativity and the use of these skills in the process of problem solving. The teaching aids that support STEAM included in SkriLab respond to the needs of children by developing:




social skills.

Skriware products were made to support the development of these interdisciplinary skills.