Modular Remote-controlled Vehicle

pojazd naziemny

October 2018 –
March 2019

Project coordinator:

Skriware tools used:
Skriware 2
3D Printer

When these young engineers set out to build a modular remote-controlled vehicle, they already had previous experience, having built a drone and a robotic arm. This, however, was to be their first project realized with the help of a 3D printer. As it turned out, it hugely contributed to the success of the project through the process of rapid prototyping, otherwise impossible or very costly.

Extracurricular activities with robots

There were three main goals behind this project completed over the course of half a year:

to learn engineering and 3D modelling software Autodesk Inventor,

to utilize and master 3D printing to swiftly create parts of the vehicle, and of course,

to create a highly modular, fully 3D-printed, remotely-controlled vehicle platform that could be outfitted with a variety of sensors and other electronics.

With this ambitious objective in mind, they set out to work and quickly encountered their first setback. Their original construction had engineering flaws in the drive system. construction had engineering flaws in the drive system. redesign faulty parts, and thanks to Skriware 2 3D printer, another prototype was ready in no time.

This type of project-based approach where students had to work by dividing tasks and cooperating within a schedule and despite obstacles, was also perfect for developing a creative approach to problem-solving. – Piotr Misiorek, Robonomik’s club teacher supervisor

Finally, when the 3D-printed chassis was ready and working on par with expectations, young engineers added a characteristic body, and the project was deemed a success. The final model had more than a kilometre of remote-control range and was equipped with a camera and a touch screen. On-board Raspberry and modular design allow for mounting additional sensors and parts – which is the next step for these ambitious youths.